On December 10th, Raveena will face Sushmita.

On December 10, it'll be Raveena Tandon vs. Sushmita Sen on streaming platforms when both of their series debut on Netflix and Disney-Hotstar, respectively.

If you thought all the competition took place in the cinema and at the box office, you're in for a shock.


On December 10, Raveena Tandon and Sushmita Sen will face off on the streaming platform when Raveena's Aranyak and Sushmita's Aarya Season 2 premiere on Netflix and Disney-Hotstar, respectively.

Please notice that the two ladies' specials, Aranyak and Aarya, have identical titles. Sushmita and Raveena, two of Bollywood's longest-serving screen queens, play two strong and powerful female heroes in both films. Both are working mothers, and their positions in their respective high-budget serials reflect this.


Sushmita is cast as the wife of a gang lord who is forced to take over her husband's enterprise, while Raveena portrays a gritty genuine officer.


"It was planned this way," says a source from one of the two streaming behemoths pitting the two-screen divas against one another on December 10. The two hottest glam queens of the 1990s are currently competing for the title of hottest yummy mother of Bollywood. It reminds us of all those frantic Friday box office fights."

And may the most beautiful woman triumph!