Exceptional Wood

The tree that never had to battle for sun, sky, air, or light, but instead stood out on the open plain And always got its fair share of rain, Never became a forest king, but instead lived and died as a scrubby thing.

The man who never had to toil to acquire and farm his patch of soil, who never had to fight for his share of sun, sky, light, and air, never grew up to be a masculine man, but lived and died as he did when he was born.

It's not easy to develop good wood.

The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees; the higher the sky, the further the distance; the larger the storm, the bigger the strength.
Sun and cold, rain and snow, good timbers grow in trees and mankind.

The forest growth is thickest where it is thickest.
Both patriarchs can be found.

And they consult the stars, whose shattered branches bear the scars of many winds and a great deal of strife.
This is a universal rule of life.