'Taj' the world's strongest hotel brand, Jamsetji Tata opened the hotel and took revenge for the insult

. 'Taj' is a brand of Tata Group's 'Indian Hotels Company Limited' (IHCL). It has recently been voted the world's strongest hotel brand. But this is an interesting story of the origin of this brand. By opening this hotel, Jamsetji Tata, the founder of the Tata group, had avenged his humiliation from the British.


. UK-based brand valuation consultancy 'Brand Finance' has released its annual 'Hotels 50 2021' report. In this report, the hotel brand of the Tata Group has been termed as the 'world's strongest hotel brand'. The most unique thing is that the British, from whom the foundation of this hotel was laid to take revenge, today have called it the strongest hotel brand in the world.


. Talking about the 'Taj' brand, David Hague, CEO, Brand Finance, says that Taj Hotels has a legacy of more than 100 years. Despite the challenges of the current pandemic, it stands as the custodian of Indian hospitality. 


. Jamsetji Tata, the founder of the Tata Group, had many dreams for a modern India. Among them, 'Taj Hotel' is the only dream that was truly fulfilled during his lifetime. The country's first Taj Hotel was opened in Mumbai in 1903 in front of the 'Gateway of India'.


. According to the Tata Group website, Jamsetji Tata was once invited by a foreign friend to meet him at a famous hotel in Mumbai. But when he reached there with his friend, the hotel manager stopped him outside saying that 'we do not allow Indians to come in. This thing pricked Jamsetji Tata.


. The Taj brand entered the rankings for the first time since 2016. Then he had secured 38th place. Brand Finance, a global brand valuation consultancy, measures brand strength based on factors such as marketing investments, customer interaction, employee satisfaction, and corporate reputation.


Who is in the top 5 after Taj?

"As per these parameters, Taj (brand value of $296 million) is the world's strongest hotel brand with a Brand Strength Index (BSI) of 89.3 out of 100, as well as an AAA brand strength rating," the company said in its report. The list is followed by Taj Premier Inn at second place, Melina Hotels International at third, NH Hotels Group at fourth, and Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts at fifth. Commenting on the achievement, Puneet Chatwal, Managing Director, and CEO, IHCL said, “The Taj being recognized as the world's strongest hotel brand is a testimony to the unwavering trust our guests have in us. This is a testament to the warm attitude and care of our employees on a daily basis. also a symbol."

Not only does the heritage of the Taj Hotel make it great, but its standing firm is also part of its glory. When the 26/11 Mumbai attack took place in the year 2008, this hotel also became a witness to it. But after that this hotel rebuilt itself. In the tradition of Taj, not only the guests are taken care of, but every one of its employees is also taken care of.