Bad News for PUBG Fans! Judge wrote letter to PM Narendra Modi and said this

Online games are A joy for the youth and a nightmare for the parents. Many online games like Garena Free Fire, Pokemon, Battleground Mobile India, Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft, Fortnite have been successful in wooing the youth with their exciting action, graphics, and interactive nature. Children get affected and play day and night non-stop. When parents see their kids wasting their time in these games like this, they get distracted and they worry about their future. This news can be happy for parents and bad news for children who play these games.


There is a demand to ban PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire in India. During this, Judge Naresh Kumar Laka has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A few days back, a new avatar of PUBG Mobile has been launched in the country. If sources are to be believed, the demand for banning PUBG India (BGMI) and Garena Free Fire is being made by the judge.


Judge Naresh Kumar Laka has written a letter to the PM. In which it has been written that battle royale games like PUBG India (BGMI) and Garena Free Fire should be banned in India. Judge Naresh Kumar Laka has further written that the impact of these games is on the children the most. Let us tell you that PM Modi was appreciated by the country for banning PUBG Mobile. But now like PUBG Mobile, two games Garena Free Fire and PUBG India (Battlegrounds Mobile India) are getting the wrong effect on children. During this, children keep playing this game for hours. Due to which their normal life is getting spoiled.


Demand to ban

According to the news of the Times of India, pointing out the negative effects of online games on children, the Additional District Judge has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ban these games. Additional District Judge Naresh Kumar Laka has written a letter to PM Modi requesting that Free Fire and PUBG India game should be banned. On the same basis as the government had banned the game last year.


This thing is written in the letter

He wrote, 'Citizens of the country appreciated your action in banning PUBG Mobile. But recently two similar games, Free Fire (Garena Free Fire – Rampage) and PUBG India (Battle Grounds Mobile India) are also impacting kids like the previous PUBG.


Laka said that children continue to play such games for a long time, which disturbs their normal life and affects their family and social behavior. He suggested that a law be enacted to restrict the exposure of children to such sports.


Please tell that Naresh Kumar Laka has said that a law should be made for all these games. To prevent children from playing games. It is worth noting that last year in India, PM Modi had banned PUBG Mobile games. Since then, China had suffered a major setback from India. But now Krafton has launched PUBG Mobile in the name of Battlegrounds Mobile India.


What are the rules in China? 

Let us tell you that in China, children under the age of 18 play games for only 90 minutes a day at 10 o'clock at night. While there they play games for 3 hours on a holiday. Regarding this, the judge said that it is necessary to make laws in our country in the same way. So that its bad effect on children can be prevented.