People's trust in social media is decreasing rapidly, confusion arising from misleading news

As the misuse of social media is increasing, people are losing their trust in it. People are not only getting away from the truth with different conflicting information coming out on the same issue, but it is also increasing their confusion about the truth of an event. Due to this people's trust in social media is decreasing. 23 percent of Americans believe that information from social media has increased their confusion about an event. Experts are seeing this as awareness coming among the people. He says that if people are similarly aware of false news being spread on social media, then this will not only stop its misuse but will also help in saving people from financial fraud.

According to data released by Pew Research, in 2018, 36 percent of Americans believed that information from social media had increased their knowledge of an event and that they had received sufficient information, while now this number has come down to only 29 percent. has remained. That is, less than a third of Americans trust the information circulating on social media, and it continues to decline.

Whereas there has been a sharp increase in the number of people who believe that information received from social media is giving them confusion about the truth of an incident. In 2018, the number of such people was 15 percent, which has now increased to 23 percent. That is, about a quarter of the people believe that the news on social media is misleading them instead of telling the truth.


53 percent of those surveyed said that they got information about an incident from social media. However, 47 percent of the people involved in the research admitted that they do not make any difference to the information going on on social media. Facebook is at the top when it comes to getting information from social media. 36 percent of the people admitted that they got information about an incident from Facebook. YouTube is at number two with 23 percent and Twitter is at number three with 15 percent.


But Twitter is at the top of the media organizations whose consumers use it for base news. 59 percent of Twitter users use Twitter for official information. Facebook is second with 54 percent and YouTube is fourth with 32 percent.


Women (63%) and men accounted for 35 percent of Facebook's regular news users, while 54% of the regular users of Twitter for news are men and 43 percent.


The ever-increasing use of social media has become a major means of disseminating information to people, but it is being misused in many places. From giving information to the public according to their ideology in political matters, criminals are making tremendous use of this platform to commit economic fraud.

If people are aware of the dangers of social media, then it will reduce the wrong attempts to create disharmony among different communities by spreading wrong messages. Apart from this, people will also be saved from financial fraud.