give the tree another owner

once upon a time. As usual, Emperor Akbar was sitting in the court listening to the problems of his subjects. All the people were appearing in front of the emperor with their own problems and then two neighbors named Raghav and Keshav came to the court with their problems. The root of the problem of both of them was the mango tree full of fruits present between these two houses. The matter was regarding the ownership of the mango tree. Raghav was saying that the tree belonged to him and Keshav was lying. At the same time, Keshav said that he is the real owner of the tree and Raghav is a liar.


The matter of tree one and owner two was very complicated and neither of them was ready to give up. After listening and deliberating from both sides, Emperor Akbar handed over the matter to one of his Navaratnas, Birbal. Birbal creates a drama to solve the case and find out the truth.


That evening Birbal asked the two soldiers to go to Raghav's house and say that mangoes were being stolen from his mango tree. He asked two soldiers to go to Keshav's house and give the same message. At the same time, Birbal said that after giving this message, he should hide behind their house and see what Raghav and Keshav do. Birbal also said that Raghav and Keshav should not know that you are going to their house with information about the theft of mangoes. The soldiers did exactly as Birbal said.

Two soldiers went to Keshav's house and two to Raghav's house. When they reached there, they came to know that both Raghav and Keshav were not in the house, so the soldiers gave this message to their wives. When Keshav reached home, his wife informed him about the theft of mangoes. Hearing this, Keshav said, "Oh lucky one, please feed me. Should I sit hungry now because of mangoes? And which tree is my own? If theft is happening, let it happen. Will see you in the morning." Saying this he sat down comfortably and started eating food.


At the same time, when Raghav came home and his wife told him this, he ran like a tree on the opposite foot. His wife called from behind, "Hey, eat food," to which Raghav said, "I can eat food even in the morning, but if mangoes are stolen today, my whole year's hard work will be wasted. " The soldiers hid outside the house of both of them and saw the whole scene and went back to the court and told Birbal.


The next day both again appeared in the court. In front of both of them Birbal said to Emperor Akbar, “Jahanpanah, that tree is the root of all problems. Why don't we cut that tree down? There will be no bamboo, no flute will play. Emperor Akbar asked Raghav and Keshav about this, "What do you both think about this?" To this Keshav said, “Huzoor is your ruling. Whatever you say, I will silently accept it." Raghav said, "Master, I have watered that tree for seven years. If you want, give it to Keshav, but please don't get it cut. I fold my hands before you."


After listening to both of them, Emperor Akbar looked like Birbal and said, "What do you have to say now, Birbal?" After this Birbal narrated the story of last night to the emperor and said with a smile, “Huzoor, give the tree another owner, how can this happen? After the incident that happened last night and today, it has been proved that Raghav is the real owner of the tree and Keshav is lying.”


Hearing this, the emperor congratulated Birbal. He congratulated Raghav for fighting for his rights and ordered Keshav to be imprisoned for stealing and lying.


          That the consequence of stealing someone else's thing by deceit without working hard is bad.