Story of Akbar Birbal: How will a piece of wood be smaller without cutting it?

Emperor Akbar often discussed many problems with Birbal and also used to test his intelligence. At the same time, Birbal also used to solve every problem in a very interesting way.


Once upon a time, both Maharaja Akbar and Birbal were walking in the royal garden. Some serious issue was being discussed between the two that then suddenly it came to the mind of Emperor Akbar to take Birbal's test.


Emperor Akbar, pointing to a wood lying nearby, asked Birbal, "Tell Birbal one thing, this wood lying in front, can you shorten it without cutting it?"

Birbal understood the matter of Emperor Akbar's mind and while giving the wood in the hand of Emperor Akbar said, "Ji Maharaj, I can shorten this wood."


Emperor Akbar said, "How is he good?" Then Birbal picked up a big wood lying nearby and, holding Emperor Akbar, asked, "Maharaj which of these is the smaller one?"


Emperor Akbar understood Birbal's cleverness and while giving the small wood in the hand of Birbal said, "Truly Birbal you have shortened the wood without cutting it." After that, both of them started laughing out loud.



                Children, this story learns that whatever the situation may be, a way out can be found by working with the mind.